The current Limerick Indoor Soccer Tournament can trace its roots all the way back to 1977. Mary Immaculate College Limerick opened its new gym that year and hosted an indoor soccer blitz between 8 teams. The 8 competing teams were made up of three Limerick teams, three Cork teams and 2 teams representing Mary Immaculate College, Limerick. All the players were primary school teachers, an entry criteria that remains to this day.

In 1984, the competition widened its net and teams from around Ireland were invited to take part in the blitz. A ladies competition was also set up this year in recognition of the huge number of female teachers working in the primary sector.
The blitz grew in popularity and attracted new teams year on year as well as drawing back past participants. Indeed, as the years went on, the night out became as important as the soccer blitz itself.

The blitz added a third competition to its armoury in 1998 with the advent of the Over 35s competition. This catered for those who had founded the competition 21 years previously but found that they were no longer 21 years old. In 2003, the Over 35s became the Over 40s competition with the onset of near professionalism meaning that some 35 year olds were playing like 25 year old lads.

In 2008, Mary Immaculate opened its new gym. By quirk of fate, the Limerick team which had been competing in the competition since all the way back in 1977 won the Open Competition that year.

By 2010, the competition had grown exponentially. 41 teams entered the Open Competition alone which led to logistical difficulties. The organising committee decided in the interests of the competition to limit the number of teams entering the three competitions. The blitz was renamed the Limerick Indoor Soccer Tournament ( L.I.S.T.) 48 teams competed in 3 categories in 2011. The four corners of Ireland were represented with teams from Galway to Dublin and Cork to Donegal attending. The committee still wanted the competition to be about more than just soccer though and the emphasis on the nights out after the games is as strong as ever.

By the very nature of the competitions longevity, we have unfortunately lost some fine people over the course of the last few years. We remember those who played in and supported our sporting and social weekends but are no longer with us. May they rest in peace.

The tournament in this year promises to be as good as ever. Once again we have teamed up with local businesses to ensure that your time in Limerick is an enjoyable one. L.I.S.T. is as much a social weekend as it is a sporting one, so bring along your friends and family and see what Limerick has to offer.

LIST – 3 Competitions, 2 Days, 1 City