Terms & Conditions

LIST team entry requirements have changed from 2017 going forward.

We will no longer have an open draw to decide the teams that get into the competition.

Starting from 2017, all teams will be allocated a place in the competition on a first come basis with the following conditions:

1) All teams will be notified as to their entry number via email immediately upon submitting their team details.
2) To secure your entry you will receive our standard PayPal invoice for €99 within 48 hours of submitting.
3) Payment of the invoice in full must be made within an additional 48 hours of receipt of the invoice.

Only teams being offered a place in the competition will receive an invoice from LIST.
If you receive an invoice you have been offered a place in the competition.

Non-payment within the defined period will result in that position becoming available for the next team entered.

We will take entries up to 40 teams in total for the Men’s open, 20 for the Ladies open and 10 for the Over 40’s.
For various understandable reasons some teams cannot make it on the tournament weekend.

Additionally, any teams who are offered a place who cannot make it will receive a REFUND (less 4% administration fee) on the condition that we can find a replacement team to take the spot.

All refunds will be issued in the week before the competition.

LIST also reserves the right to video matches at any of the venues used. This can include a short period of time before and after any match. This footage can be used for promotional purposes with our sponsors or in the event of a dispute where footage exists.